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Polarity Therapy is a powerful holistic approach to health and well-being. The Polarity Principle works on the assumption that there is such a thing as life energy and that disease results when our life energy is blocked or is out of balance. The free flow of life energy is necessary for health. The aim of Polarity Therapy is to correct imbalances in the energy flow and enable the body's self-healing systems to operate effectively.

A Polarity Therapist works to release and balance the life energy in the body through the use of specialised bodywork which can release tension and holding patterns in the physical body and the psyche, enlivening the life force that exists within us all, thus enabling you to reconnect with the deep core of your being. This ensures the continuation of the expression of your essential self and aids the return to wholeness and wellbeing.

The system was developed by Dr. Randolph Stone, a naturalised American, who spent the majority of his long life (1890-1981) studying the healing practises of India and China as well as the Western disciplines of Chiropractic and Osteopathy to continually refine and add to the body of work that is Polarity Therapy.

It is a gentle, holistic method of drugless healing. It is a complementary therapy in the sense that it can happily co-exist with other forms of orthodox treatment.

Life energy takes on five different qualities based on the Five Elements (Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth). These interact to set up complex interference patterns to which the physical body reacts.

The practitioner evaluates these patterns, unblocks and re-balances then using a variety of gentle techniques helping to restore health and well-being.


Dr. Stone developed many specific techniques for unblocking and balancing energy flow dependent on the nature and location of the problems. Polarity Therapy uses four different approaches to balancing life energy.

  • Bodywork

  • Diet and Nutrition

  • Exercise

  • Communication Facilitation

A typical session would consist of a bodywork treatment combined with one or more of the other three approaches where applicable.


Polarity Bodywork consists of gentle, hands-on contact often with rocking movements of the body. The whole body approach may involve many parts of the body or may concentrate on only a few. Most of the work can be done whilst fully clothed but it is useful to wear loose, light clothing preferably made from natural fibres.

The experience of a bodywork treatment can be deeply relaxing and therapeutic leading to emotional releases and the alleviation of tension and pain and an increased sense of well-being.


Polarity Therapists recommend dietary changes where necessary to help balance the Five Elements. Our bodies accumulate a level of toxicity through over indulgence in particular foods affecting our minds and emotions as well as our physical body. Health building diets help each person find the way of eating appropriately.


Exercises, sometimes called Polarity Yoga may be recommended for practise between treatment sessions. These involve powerful but gentle stretching and rocking movements and are designed to release the tension in the body to facilitate the free flow of energy. They can support the bodywork part of the treatment.


Good health encompasses positive thoughts and feelings about ourselves 'as we think, so we are'. Polarity Therapy not only seeks to heal the physical body but in its highest aspirations aims to unify and balance the whole person via increased self awareness. It can form an important ally in the journey towards self knowledge and growth.


A treatment session lasts for one hour. It is usual for clients to have a minimum of three sessions, but the number will depend upon individual circumstances.


There are times in our lives when we do not feel well or seem unable to cope. Our bodies seem to let us down with illness and stress, or minds are strained and our emotions confused. When life becomes difficult it is sensible to look for help.