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What is the Alexander Technique?

The Alexander technique is a fundamental self-care approach to learning effective body movement skills. It may not surprise you to hear that our mental and physical carriage and posture are fundamental contributors to our state of health. The Alexander Technique is not like a massage or physiotherapy treatment. It is not a treatment at all. The Alexander technique is a popular and proven method of teaching individuals to perform daily movements as well as have mental awareness of their carriage and movement habits which adversely affect their health. Teachers of the Alexander Technique should be properly accredited, as this particular wellness therapy requires a high level of training and commitment.

Why Should I Consider this Technique?

Consider for a moment, this analogy. A teacher of equestrian skills notes that a rider continues to sit the horse incorrectly. Furthermore, this incorrect seat is causing the rider a multitude of problems. The rider maintains inadequate weight in the stirrups, a rounded back posture and leans forward too far. The student is seriously creating tension in his own body and furthermore could not possibly ride for a day without serious physical discomfort and perhaps injury. The teacher continuously informs the pupil of each problem and how to correct it, only to hear back from the student “ I AM doing that!” The teacher then takes a video of the rider and shows it to him later, explaining and showing in detail what corrections can be made. Finally, the student gets it because he has seen with his own eyes what he could not see sitting on top of the horse. In the next lesson the student prepares himself mentally to perform the correct body movement and posture and begins to develop what equestrian instructors call “ a seat”. This “seat” will form the correct posture and carriage for the student to enjoy life as a rider. The Alexander Technique is analogous because it teaches people, through a series of lessons, to examine their body movements and “usage” so that they can become aware of their bad habits and/or constraints, and learn to re-educate their body movements.

Who can benefit from being taught the Alexander Technique?

Just about everybody can benefit from being taught to improve their “use” of their body. The Alexander technique has a large following from the performing arts community, executive business ranks, athletic and pregnancy sectors. Having been actively taught for 100 years, the Alexander Technique is international in acceptance and most importantly, can be applied to everything you do.

What is the process?

You and the teacher of the Alexander Technique will meet to discuss your particular objectives and how this therapy technique can help. You may have chronic back pain, repetitive strain injury, asthma or other breathing disorder, postural problems or several problems. After an assessment of your body “use” condition, you and the therapist will decide what benefit you may receive from learning the Alexander Technique, and schedule an appropriate lesson schedule.

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