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What is Touch For Health?
Touch for Health refers to a specific diagnostic and related therapeutic healing system introduced to the health community in the early 1970’s. This system is practiced in dozens of countries around the world and by a select number of trained practitioners.

Accredited practitioners utilize knowledge of applied Kinesiology to offer improved physical and emotional well-being to their clients. Importantly, this holistic therapy combines modern chiropractic muscle interaction principles, ancient Chinese acupuncture knowledge bases and related health knowledge bases to present a distinct health technique.

Traditional Chinese medicine includes therapy directed at electromagnetic energy pathways or meridians that affect our energy and body functions. Specific muscle groups require balance and harmony within our body’s natural energy pathways in order to function optimally. Touch for Health practitioners include nutritional factors, muscular monitoring/structural/postural factors as well as emotional factors in providing therapeutic strategy.

You are invited to experience a better understanding of how your body works and healthier daily living with Touch for Health. Visit our Appointment Book to book a session with us.

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Touch for Health
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